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Touristic Attractions

 Old Village 

Old village of San José de Gracia, founded in 1675 by an indigenes’ group of Chichimeca, established in a site of livestock which is the most important named “de Marta”, near the river Blanco and the river Prieto, forming a picturesque village creating its traditions and its folklore that characterised it and distinguished it of the other villages.

The life of the old village is written in the history lines, because of the great historical events we had during the periods of survival since its foundation until now. In this place, little by little, we valued day by day the habits and the daily activities; in add of the region social identity. It was a village of men, of women, of children, important and recognised for the well-being social impeccable that he had.

 Main Place 

Don’t let pass the opportunity to visit the garden of Zaragoza, localised in front of the municipal presidency. Here we have the liberty trace that remembers us the 19 January, date where the father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla came to this place after his ruin on the bridge Calderón.

 Community Museum 

We can find in this place photos, documents and books describing the first works in the field of hydraulic of the Mexican Republic: the barrage Calles. We can discover to in this museum the history of this enigmatic village, in add of finding various tools of farming, old objects and lots of other objects.

 Church of the Inmaculada Concepción 

The construction of this church is easy; however, it has an illumination natural that makes it peculiar. In this place we veneer the Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción. We have to mention that this is the second church constructed of this municipality because the first has been engulfed by waters of the barrage Calles.

 Parties and Fairs 

The regional fair is dedicated to the maize, product of the region, which is the foods basis. We celebrate it from the 5 January to the 8 January. This day we have a parade that commemorates the Agrarian reform of the 6 January 1915.

During the Saint week, we have a living representation of the Christ passion that is the most important of the state, with actors and pilgrims of all communities and municipalities of the surroundings, Religious fiesta celebrated the first Sunday of the month of July.

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