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In Aguascalientes. You can taste the most sophisticated dishes of the international cooking and from the rich cooking tradition of Aguascalientes, such as its delicious chili Aguascalientes.

In addition t the high cooking, Aguascalientes presents another aspect: its popular cooking, of which the “ladrillos” (delicious puffed crumbly sweet made from flour, butter and sugar) and the “condoches” (corn bread) are exquisite samples which represents the flavor of the homeland for those who left the state; or the typical sweets of Aguascalientes, prepared with the perfumed guavas of Calvillo.

The pozole, the fried tacos, the tamales (with biznaga, nuts, or pine nuts), as well as enchiladas and sopes aren’t less delicious. Also typical in its cooking are pot barbecue, Aguascalientes “mole” and gorditas in curd.

The state of Aguascalientes, besides it is one of the smallest in the Mexican Republic, offers to the visitor great natural and cultural attractions. Its succulent dishes and excellent wines of international fame, are a sample of what Aguascalientes has to offer.

Specially, the state is producer of garlic, chili, alfalfa, corn, bean, vine, peach and guava. Its gastronomy is on a meat basis, specially the menudo, the pozole, the barbecue birria in all its variants, and the tatemada.

Another typical dish of Aguascalientes is the famous San Marcos chicken, prepared mainly during the San Marcos Fair and is based on regional fruits. Are also typical of its cooking, the filled gorditas, sucking pig in oven, the chili aguascalentense, and the country soup.

During your visit in the state you can also enjoy other dishes such as the puchero, the ranch salsa, the birria, the mole Aguascalientes' way, the chicken in wined salsa, kid goat in oven, nopals with beans, tostadas de cueritos of pork in vinegar, taquitos dorados, the famous red enchiladas, the ranch pork meat, loin in salsa of chili bola and a large variety of dishes that you can enjoy in the famous dinner places of the city.

The variety of international gastronomic options includes oriental cooking to Spanish, French, Italian, among others, in a large range of restaurants for all tastes and budgets.


Aguascalientes is the second entity in Mexico in which is planted grapevine, but the real industrial golden age of the wine production was until the 50's, for tradition and for the quality of the grapes, it produces table wines, brandy, aguardiente, the popular sweet uvate and other licors extracted of fruits. Are also typical of the region, the aguamiel, the pulque, and the calanche.


The principal characteristic in the elaboration of our typical sweet is based in the crystallization of the fruits and vegetables. These typical sweets are elaborated on the base of piloncillo, the charamuscas, the trompadas, the charrascas, the jamoncillos, the milk cajetas, the gorditas de cuajada; as well as the quince jelly or cajetas of quince and guava.

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