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Parties and Traditions

San Marcos Fair
Aguascalientes is proud to bring the most famous fair nationwide: the internationally known San Marcos Fair. It takes place from April 10 th to May 5 th, being the oldest and most famous of the country, with popular street parties, cock fighting that takes place in the largest corral in Latin America, the elegant casino, unique in Mexico where gambling is permitted. After the cock fights national and international variety are presented in the corral.

During the fair, are also great bull fights, with toreros of reknown, in the original and beautiful bull-ring ornamented with porticos and boxes of quarry stones. The National Poetry Prize, traditional contest of typical suit, the interesting exposition of agriculture, of cattle and of the industry, and the large program and the Cervantine festival.

Assomption Fair
From August 1 st to August 15 th in which are exhibited the products of the region: peaches, grapes, guavas, and sweets made of these fruits, table wine, etc. The apotheosis of the fiesta is the parade of the allegorical cars, decorated with fruit patterns and of popular entertainments.

Fair of the Dead
I takes place on grounds next to the cemetery of the cross during the last week of October and the first of November. It is a beautiful tradition that has grown in importance, as it is celebrated in many ways all along the republic. In it, we find sweet shaped as skeletons and skulls, as well as skulls of clay of all sizes and colors, and with names graved on them. All the abilities of the people that works these products is used to make a satire of the death. Carousels and mechanical attractions are installed as well as food stands and fruits of the season.

Fair of the Lord of the Oak
From November 4 th to 14 th. Around the garden of the lord of the oak to adore the black Christ that is conserved inside the church of the oak, a beautiful building that dates back to the 18 th century and maintains its original façade of baroque style, with wall paintings realized by Andres Lopez. It is a religious fiesta, but along with popular entertainment and the enthusiasm of the local people.

Fair of the Virgin of Guadalupe
From December 4 th to 12 th, in the Guadalupe Garden and its surroundings, with carousels, pyrotechnic shows, traditional indigene dances, food stands and season fruits.


Day of the Miner
It is celebrated in July along with the fiesta dedicated to the lord of Tepozan.

Party of Nuestra Señora de Belen
Commercial and cattle exposition, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of January.


Party of the Lord of the Salitre
It is celebrated in May, on the ascension Thursday.

Fair of the Guava
It takes place from December 1 st to 15 th, with commercial, agriculture and craftsmanship exposition.

 Jesús María 

Party of Santiago Apostle (Fair of the Chicahuales)
I takes place on July 25 th every year, it celebrates fights between moors and Christian. It is attended by good craftsmen , with cock fights, bull fights, and the traditional dance of the chicahuales.

 Pabellón de Arteaga 

Fair of the Revolution
Revolutionary parade and commercial and cattle exposition, from November 14 th to 27 th.

 Rincón de Romos 

Parties of the Lord of the Anxiety
It takes place on January 15 th to 23 rd with peregrinations, processions and parades.

Party of San Blas
It takes place in the ex hacienda of Pabellón de Hidalgo on February 1 st to 3 rd.

Regional Party of Agriculture
It takes place on the third Sunday of January, and is presented a great agriculture, cattle and craftsmanship exposition, along with the traditional bull fights, cock fights and traditional regional dances.

 San José de Gracia 

Regional Fair of the Corn
On January 5 th to 8 th , parades commemorating the agrarian reform of January 6 th 1915, donkeys races, costumed donkeys, agriculture, educational and industrial expositions.


Fair of the Lord of Tepezal
From May 25 th to 27 th is celebrated the fiesta in honor to the saint that gave the town its name.
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