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San Marcos National Fair
Born in the heart of Mexico, Aguascalientes prepares, year after year, to celebrate its San Marcos’ National Fair, which over 175 years has become the most important of the country. Its happiness, colors, food, fighting cocks, bullfights, traditional suits, but overcoat its people’s hospitality made this fair, the “fair of Mexico”.

Its origin dates back to the year 1604 and had for purpose to open agricultural and livestock market with the different provinces of New Spain. The fair was celebrated for the first time in 1828, from November 5th to November 20th, using as a siege a half-built “Parian” until 1851.

In 1842 was built the outside balustrade of the garden, which has been designed neoclassical style, and conserved up to day. Later, the date of celebration was changed to April to take advantage of the festivities of the patron saint of San Marcos which were realized in the new garden.

Since the birth of the fair itself, the bullfighting festivities certainly become the spectacle that most deeply took root in the soul of the people of Aguascalientes as in 1896 the San Marcos bullring construction started and lasted only 48 days. Due to the quality of its performances, in 1974 a new bullring was demanded, the monumental of Aguascalientes which in 1992 was given a new physiognomy and capacity to host fifteen thousands viewers.

Another show that with no doubt has a very important part in the San Marcos Fair, are the cock fights which since 1847 are subjected to regulations. The present corral was built in the middle of the seventies and is named “Federico Méndez”, in honor of this great compositor of Aguascalientes. Another of the activities that are presented in the fair is the charreria (contest of horse riding in traditional suit) mexican sport by excellence, presented in the magnificent Villa Charra.

Nowadays, the National San Marcos Fair presents a large of shows for the public in general such as the people’s theater, the ferial, the young art national prize, the poetry national prize, the wood sculpture contest, and the traditional suits competition exposed in its maximum expression the typical Aguascalientes craftsmanship: the “embroideries” as well as uncountable cultural events of first category.

As it is already a tradition, the competition to elect the queen of the fair has marked the beauty of the Aguascalientes women, event that was incorporated in a street party in 1924 and since then has been a firm protagonist in the fair.

Come and live Aguascalientes, and you will get the proof of why the San Marcos Fair is the fair of Mexico.
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