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San Marcos Church
It was first known as the temple of the new people of the Indians of San Marcos, founded by natives in 1604. This temple was started before 1655 and remained unachieved for more than a hundred years, until it was completed in 1755.

The façade is of poor baroque style with three sections. On the second section is a stained-glass window with the picture of the Virgin of the Carmen. The magnificent bell tower has two sections and emphasizes the baroque highness. To the sides, the walls are sustained by strong buttresses.
Inside is only one nave with the latin cross shape. In the presbytery is the Altar Mayor of neoclassic style, in the center the Virgin of the Carmen, and in the superior part, the sculpture of San Marcos. There is a beautiful oil painting of Jose de Alcibar in the sacristy, where the artist made a wonderful interpretation of the religious theme of the adoration of the wizards king to the child Jesus. That dates back to 1775.
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