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San Antonio Church
This masterpiece of Jose Refugio Reyes was started in the late 19th century and finished in hte beginning of the 20 th century.

It shows a mix of several architectural styles, shaped harmoniously in quarry stone of the region with green, yellow and pink tones. The façade of the temple presents two levels. The central tower is circular, with two sections and topped by a small dome with a lantern. To the sides of the tower are some smaller circular towers of one section.

At the back of the temple is a nicely decorated dome of double drum. The dome is topped by a small lantern decorated with waves on its base and finished by a sphere. The floor is a latin cross with columns, and in the adornments are large medallions of quarry stone with the face of an angel in the key, where are accommodated pictures of the life of Saint Antonio.

The adornments, harmoniously decorated with geometric relieves and small flowers, shows paintings of the evangelists.

At the back of the temple is a chapel dedicated to Santa Rita de Casia and the Santo Sepulcro (the saint tomb).
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