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Rosario Church
In 1665, the authorisation was obtained to create an educative center and a temple, forming that way the orphanage “La Encarnación”, which was later transformed into a convent, the first college of the zone and then the chapel of the Merced that was used since 1674. The present cloister was begun in 1702 and was dedicated on December 28 th 1773. As the laws of the reform set the end of the claustration of the religious, the monks of the convent left the administration of the church and the convent in 1859.

The secular clergy took care of it until 1906, when they became part of the Dominican authority, who changed the name of the temple of La Merced to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario. It has on its portal with an archway to the cloister and quarry stone vases. The façade, with its tower of two sections, presents a combination of architectural styles. The portal is of two sections worked in quarry stone, and its access by an archway on which sides are pillars and niches.
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