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Guadalupe Church
This sanctuary is the second most important of the city. Its building was initiated in 1767 and was finished 22 years later, in 1789. On July 26 th 1931, it ascended to parish church. The work of the master Felipe de Urea is a baroque building that suffered multiple transformations and modifications in its structure. The façade is exuberant baroque style, which is a characteristic of the Bajío. The towers has been built recently, in 1973.
The enormous dome is covered outside with Talavera tiles, also called handkerchief. Inside, the sanctuary has a very charged decoration; the sculptural and pictorial decoration is high quality. You can admire the beautiful pulpit realized in tecali, a volcanic stone similar to marble, and the four paintings with the four apparitions of the Virgin.
The painting of the Virgin was made by Jose de Alcibar in the second half of the 18 th century. The chapel of the Santisimo, located at the back of the temple and built at the beginning of the 20 th century, is neo-gothic style.
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