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Encino Church
The priest José de Arteaga obtained this lot to erect a chapel, which was probably dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael, on October 4 th 1764. The building of the present temple initiated on January 12 th 1773. It was dedicated to the Lord of the Oak on March 10 th and 11 th 1796. Every year on November 13 th comes out the popular fervour in honor and glory to the black Christ of the Oak, that commemorates its miraculous apparition: It is said, that aresident of the city, as he was cutting the trunk of an oak, found within it the figure of Jesus Christ.

On June 19 th 1854 the church was ascended to parish church. A public clock was placed on it on February 19 th 1878. The temple is situated in the heart of one of the oldest neighborhoods with the highest tradition in Aguascalientes.
The builfding has architectural characteristics of the end of the 18th century, that is to say, it belongs to the last manifestations of baroque and presents some of the characteristics of the neoclassical architecture, mainly in its tower of three sections.

Its wonderful large paintings on the side walls really strike the attention of the guest. It is a Way of the Cross, a collection realized in 1798 by the master Andrés Lopez.
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