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Basílica Cathedral
At the place occupied nowadays by the cathedral were two chapels, one of them probably built in 1575 and the other one erected around 1605. The building of the present temple was initiated by the priest Antonio Flores de Acevedo in 1704, and finished by the priest Manuel Colon de Larreategui in 1738. The northern tower was completed in 1764 and the southern in 1946. The diocese of Aguascalientes was established by a papal bull of Leon XIII, called Apostolic Siege in 1889. The picture of the virgin of the assumption that is in the cypress of the place was brought from Spain, to replace the older one in 1919. The cathedral is located in front of plaza patria, in the center of the city.

The building has a cloister barrier composed of quarry stone pillars and bars with lateral access and at the north, a solar clock onto a pillar. It has twin towers that show a neoclassical style in its curved pediments.

The main portal of the temple has been totally worked out of pink quarry stone, and has three sections and the top. In the first section is the access through an arch of half point, with an archangel in the key; to the sides, equitable columns with vegetal relieves and compound capital; the lateral axis are bounded by other equitable columns, and between them is showed in the first and second section, the sculptures of the doctors of the church accommodated in polygonal arched niches.
In the platform is the inscription that reads: BASILICAE LATERANENSI IN PERPETUUM AGGREGATA. In the second section is a choir window with arch surrounded by angels over vegetal relieves; to the sides are columns, with sculptures in niches between them: The third section has an adornment covered with vegetal relieves with two equitable columns and between them, the virgin of the assumption.
The top of the portal is a high-relief of the Trinity. The towers have three square sections, with arched bays and broken curved pediments. In the lateral façades, are the arched access portals, sided by plain columns that support the platform with a broken pediment and flower to the sides.

Inside is the basilica floor, with three domes and an abundant decoration with vegetal patterns, and mortar relieves. There is a beautiful cypress of white marble, where is accommodated the picture of the Virgin of the Assumption, saint patron of the city; in the apse, are the wooden choir stalls and the painting of San Juan Nepomuceno. To the sides is the chapel of the Sagrario, beautifully decorated in golden, and in the sacristy, oil paintings of an anonymous author. In the central nave, is the pulpit, and in the choir is a wooden tubular organ.

In the building of the bishopric, next to the cathedral, is an art gallery that keeps valuable oil painting of the twelve apostles and other figures of the Church; the access is free.
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