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Morelos Theater

The place that nowadays occupies the theatre, was a house for priests and later on it turned into a public granary. The theatre was a project of the engineer Jose Noriega initiating in 1883 and its construction finished in 1885. In the same year it was inaugurated by the dramatic play "civil death" ("muerte civil"). The architectural style of the theatre is neoclassic with three round arches to the front, with ink pads in the high part and small medallions in the inner large doors.

When the cinema comes to Aguascalientes it begins to be used as a movie theater, due to the use it begins to de destroyed until it is closed. It was restored in 1914 obtaining a lot of popularity in this year: from October 10 to November 14, after the victory on Victoriano Huerta, several revolutionary groups disputed the power.

In this stage the Villistas, Carrancistas and Zapatistas representatives met with the intention of avoiding the separation and of elaborating a program of national government.

Between the most transcendent agreements that took place in the theater were the revolutionary sovereign organism, the adoption of Ayala's plan and the placing of Eulalio Gutiérrez as provisional president of the Republic.
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