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 Nautical Club San José 

Take advantage of this ideal place for the total rest in a very natural environment. We propose cabins, ride in horse, in launches, a small swimming pool and a restaurant.

We propose too campsites for children giving historical and geographic knowledge having a dynamic and re-creative manner with programs which are totally different.

For more information please call to the following phone numbers: 01 (449) 978-74-30 and 978-63-86.

 Bar Restaurant “El Mirador” 

Localised on the road going to Pabellón de Arteaga, characterised by a gastronomic service of very great quality, a variety of seafood and beverages offered to the visitors; an extraordinary panoramic view of the Touristy site, allowing to contemplate the vegetation, hidden gullies, precipices which are part of the appreciable environment, in add of the Aguascalientes valley or Valle de Aguascalientes.

More information to the phone numbers: 01 (465) 95-593-99, 01 (449) 99-953-17.

 Bar restaurant “Las Playas” 

Take advantage of the typical gastronomy of San José de Gracia with an exquisite touch of beach environment, with palapas (A structure, such as a bar or restaurant in a tropical resort, that is open-sided and thatched with palm leaves) and palm trees on the verge of the barrage Plutarco Elías Calles.
Take your mind of things with your family playing beach sports and ride on horseback at the same time that the sun offers you a beautiful dusk.
This place is localised in the road Juan Domínguez without number.

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