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POEM OF The Broken Christ

I have found my Christ in Sevilla. About art, I am subjugated by the theme of the Cross Christ or Cristo de la Cruz.

I prefer the Spanish baroque Christ. The last time, I went with a good friend of me to find a Christ. There was lots of choice! We can find them between nuts and nails, oxidized scrap iron, old clothes, shoes, books, broken dolls or romantic lithography. The trick is to know how to find it. Because the Christ is walk present everywhere all along our life.

However this morning we went to the artist house; we could find easily the Christ in this place. However, it was much more expensive! It was an antique shop. It was the Christ with a “luxury tax”, a Christ that had enriched Touristic, because since that the tourism has been developed; the Christ was too much more expensive. We have only visited two or three shops and we were going to visit the third and the fourth.

-Hem ¿do you want something beautiful?
-To visit the shop, to watch, to see...

Suddenly... in front of me, put down on a table, I saw a Christ without cross, I was going toward it; however I held back myélan. I watched the Christ with discretion that won me since the first time. It was not exactly what I looked for because it was an amputated Christ however this fact attached me to him. I do not know firstly why firstly I pretended to be interested by objects that surrounded me then I took the Christ in my hands. I avoided caressing it! My eyes did not lie... not.

This Christ was not very beautiful, it was an upsetting mutilation, the Christ did not have a cross, and had a half leg. This Christ did not have two legs but one and even if it already had its head, it had lost its face.

He moved closer to the antiquary, he took the Broken Christ in his hands and...

- Oh, it is a splendid object, you have a good taste, pay attention to its size, it is very well done...

-¡However… it was amputated, so mutilated! -

-It is not very serious my father, there is a wonderful restaurateur who is one of my friends that will return it to you new!

He started again to value it, to praise its qualities, to caress it between his hands, however…he did not caress the Christ, he caressed the merchandise that will be converted in money.

I have insisted, he begun to doubt, to have a break, to watch for the last time the Christ to pretend to have trouble to be separated from it and has begun to take it sometimes and to show a fictive generosity thinking resigned and afflicted:

-Here is father, it is for you, because it is you, for 208 euros no more, you will have a jewel!

The salesman praised the qualities to maintain the cost. Me, priest, gave it disadvantages to fall its price...

I shivered suddenly. ¡we were arguing the cost of the Christ, as if it was only merchandise! At that moment I remembered of Judas… It was not the purchase-sale of the Christ? ¡But how many times we sale and we buy the Christ, done of wood, but when all is said and done with flesh, of the flesh of our neighbour!.

We gave in both. He fallen the price to 5 euros.

After saying goodbye, I asked him if he known the origin of the Christ and the reason of those terrible mutilations. I had an incomplete and roam information where he said that he believed it comes from the sierra of Arsena and he said that they were due to a profanation during the war.

At that moment hugged it with affection and I went out with it in the road.

Lastly, by night, I closed the door of my room and I have found me alone, face to face with my Christ. I noted that it was covered in blood, mutilated, seeing it in this state I decided to ask him:

-Christ who took the liberty to do that? His hands did not trembled when he broke yours pulling out you of the cross? Does he live? Where? What would I do today if he saw you in my hands? Did he repent of this?

-Shut up!



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