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Regional History Museum
Venustiano Carranza No. 118
Centro, C.P. 20000
Aguascalientes, Ags.
Phone: 916-52-28
Regional History Museum  
Located in Venustiano Carranza street, the Aguascalientes Regional History museum, is since 1987, the basic instrument for the formation of a conscience that defends, preserves and spreads the historical and cultural heritage of the state.

The museum is located in an old house, that although it was built in 1914, it is a reflection of a typical house from the endings of last century. Its space has been adapted to the weather conditions of the region. It is of Mediterranean style; its rooms and departments are communicated between each other by the interior halls and they are distributed by the yards. Its eclectic architectonic characteristics combine different art styles.

Its French academicism it is shown in its symmetrical façade made out of two colors quarry; the beautiful carved door frame, the broken muss, the cornice and the padded give the building the constructors touch; Refugio Reyes.

In the central yard, the Nouveau art its manifested in the in the abundance of ornamental motives and vegetables references, as well as in the arcade, the columns and in the traditional pink quarry dining room.

The museum counts with nine show rooms; as we take a look around them, we have the opportunity to learn through chronological stages and through a visual language the history and conformation of the Aguascalientes region with out making aside the national context.
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