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Ferrocarrilero Museum
This museum it is conformed of two buildings (old station and old loading warehouse) and wagons. The loading warehouse exhibit's the railway history in Aguascalientes; the working class wars; the mechanic workshop; the Cristera war; from revolution to the Cristera war; the history of locomotive engine Num. 40; the opening of the workshops; the derailments; the first trains; the origins of the railway. The museum is structured four of the forty eight departments that used to exist. These are the oldest rooms that used to be part of the railway instalations, and they date from the endings of the XIX centuary. (mechanic; cars; molds and models; melting; infraestructure and final product).

In "La Estación" building the aspects of identity and culture are found. In the first floor there is a recreation of the living room; a tiquet office and difrent elements such as pictures of the Aguascalientes Base-ball team "Los Rieleros" and pictures of the city.
In the second floor there is a telegraph office and another recreation of a superintendent office. It also counts with an identity and culture show room, where many ralway personalities appear, such as Francisco López Medrano best known as "El Trianero", Ventura Salazar, Cornelio Cerecero Salazar, etc.
The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Tuesday to Thursday from 11 to 19 hrs; Fridays from 11 to 20 hrs ; Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 21 hrs.

Children under twelve years of age and people from the third age come in for free Saturdays. Relatives to the railway workers come in for free with the credential. There is a 2x1 promotion (like in movie theaters).and Saturdays children come in for free.
"La Estación" theme park is composed of; the dancing fountains; the railway museum (with its two buildings), fast food restaurants; the Locomotive Engine Monument, visitor attention office, Spring water Square, Furgón theater, Civic Plaza, dancing waters fountains, Whistle Plaza and a Knowledge Cabús.
It consists of four show rooms. The first one functions as a gallery, in show room two the work of Manuel Manila Posada's colleague is usually shown. A third show room works as an exposition of the followers of this art. The last room is a library; it counts with a wealth of books of about five thousand books, that include an important collection of poetry and theater works.
Open: Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 19:00 hrs.
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