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El Gauro, Los Osos and La Ciénega
In this hunting ranch, we have the possibility to shoot the wild turkey GOULD (Meleagris gallopavo mexicana), the deer having the white tail COUES (Odocoileus virginianus couesí) and the collar wild boar (Pecari tajacu) in the protected zone of the Sierra Fría, in a space of 112,000 hectares of forest of pine-live oak at 2,600 metres. s.n.m.

The organizations that work together to offer a better service to this ranch are the Fauna Nacional Council or Consejo Nacional de la Fauna, A.C., the association Sierra Fría or Asociación Sierra Fría, A.C. and ANGADI, that in add with the state and federal government has been charged to protect the area of the trees’ felling and of the furtive hunting during 28 years, which has allowed to have great number of animals.

Those organizations have reintroduced in the area the wild turkey, (before extinction) now we have more than 6,000 turkey which is one of the greatest figures.

We can have in this place hunting guides. The SEMARNAT certificates that a sustained hunting activity, allows to the hunter to have excellent trophies of shooting. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWFT) has recognised the TURKEY GOULD as necessary species to manage the world slam.
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