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Hacienda de El Saucillo      Public Restricted Access
The spa, the dam, and the hacienda El Saucillo are located 44 from the city of Aguascalientes, by the Pan-American road to Zacatecas, 5 kilometers from Rincon de Romos. You access a paved road on the right and a kilometer later you are in the place. Its proud aqueduct, with arches that looks like roman work, crosses the country for half a kilometer, was built in 1877 and in with no doubts the best conserved in the state.

Since the end of the 17th century El Saucillo was an outstanding hacienda. It was part of a complex as it depended of the San Jacinto Hacienda (located a little to the north at the border with Zacatecas), the lands of which were possessions of the wealthy Count of Regla, Marshall of Castille.

Strictly, the Saucillo wasn't a hacienda, since it was part of a single productive unit managed centrally. It was formed by a large set of medium size units (ranches) the exploitation of which was charged to particulars from whom the owner obtained a fixed rent.

During the whole 19th century, there has been a process of release of the great property. The latifundian system that lasted for 200 years reached a crisis, reason why the family Rul, owner of lands in the north zone of the state among which was this property, decided to sell the annexed ranches to reliable people that could pay with silver coins. The small property fought with the hacienda for the control of the markets and the workforce.

El Saucillo reached up to 35,000 hectares and during a time, gave its owner large benefits, thanks to the introduction of considerable improvements to give the production a new turn. In the early 20th century its proud owner announced that his hacienda had just opened an artesian well and that his lands were fallowed with steam that is it was worked with expensive and modern machinery.

The heart of the hacienda, located in front of the spa, keeps some of the old dependences: the store where were stored the products exchanged to the laborers, which still has shelves and part of its original painting on the walls.
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