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Hacienda San Bartolo      Public Restricted Access
Located 25 kilometers southwest of the city of Aguascalientes, the hacienda of San Bartolo was probably built in the late 16th century or in the early 17th century. The owners were Spanish that came from a place of strong medieval tradition, as the hacienda has characteristics of a fortress, in addition to the fact that it had to resist the constant attacks of the chichimecas Indians.

San Bartolo was a major cattle ranch and at the dawn of the 18th century became an agricultural hacienda. In the 19th century it had an age of economic prosperity and became a cattle and agricultural empire, as if it didn't have a great extension, it was well managed and brought substantial benefits to its owner.

During the government of Porfirio Diaz, it counted 8 thousands hectares and almost a thousand souls. During the agrarian affectation, several villages were given lands belonging to this hacienda.

Architecturally speaking, the great house has a large main portal, to which was added in the 19th century the ogive arcade that strikes the attention. It still keeps its solar clock that ruled the activities of the day as well as the store, with a rich ornamentation from within, that provided various merchandises to the laborers.

Nearby the great house, were several dependences such as granaries, corrals, watering places and the temple dedicated to San Bartolo or San Bartolomeo.
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