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Hacienda de Peñuelas      Public Restricted Access
Initially called San Isidro Labrador, it kept the name of Hacienda de Peñuelas because of the existence of many in the surroundings. It is one of the oldest of the state, and was created even before the foundation of the city, as a cattle ranch for milk and meat production. With its great extension, it belonged several owners from rich and important local families; until it was bought by the wealthy Count of Rul in the 18th century who introduced in there Spanish fighting bull breeding.

Some important historical events took place at this place, such as the defeat of the conservative general Silverio Macías against the liberal general Jesus Gonzalez Ortega, on June 14th, 1860 during the reform war; moreover, the famous and feared local bandit Juan Chavez was born in this hacienda, being an illegitimate son of the owner.

Its most prosperous era was during the government of Porfirio Diaz, since it counted up to seven thousands hectares and 500 inhabitants. Among the agricultural products, we can find corn, beans, wheat, barley, and dry chili, which were sold in the nearby cities far from Zacatecas.

By several means, its owners acquired fighting bulls of excellent quality, culminating in 1923 with the acquisition of real cattle, making it the focus for wild oxen in the region.

This glorious property has 14 rooms, which are elegantly decorated with old objects and furniture of historical and esthetical value, most of them being brought from France and Germany.

Besides the agrarian reform affected most of the lands of the hacienda, its present owner still maintain some of the lands and corrals for the cattle where graze splendid specimens.

The temple of the Purisima Concepción, built on the right of the great house is possibly the best work in the large property. Built between 1847 and 1852, its importance came from the fact it was one of the first neoclassical temples built in the state. It was built at costs and devotion of the owner Juan Belauzaran and decorated by the political leader Felipe Nieto.
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