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Hacienda de Palo Alto      Public Restricted Access
Palo Alto was one of the multiple haciendas belonging to the entailed estate Rincon Gallardo. It was the most extended since it came to have 20,548 hectares and more than a thousand inhabitants but not for this the most valuable. Before the dismantlement of the entailed estate in 1861, this place served to gather the cattle, which indicates it was dedicated to livestock farming and not much to cultures. Since then, the hacienda was given to Rodrigo Rincon Gallardo, on of the 12 sons of Jose Maria Rincon, last titular of the entailed estate who made national use of his lands, taking the maximum advantage of them.

That way the hacienda took a turn and dedicated with great care to agricultural activities, with a flourishing property, with dams and irrigation channels. A set of buildings were built prosperously such as an enormous house, a church, new granaries, etcetera.

In a relatively short time this hacienda converted into one of the most important rustic properties of the state of Aguascalientes, reaching its major splendor during the government of Porfirio Diaz.

Since the end of the 19th century, its owners had to sell and rent considerable portions of lands of the hacienda to different people. Moreover, during the agrarian reform, several villages of the neighborhood were given lands of the hacienda.

The great house was transformed in the town hall in 1992 when the place became a town; it was before part of the town of Aguascalientes. The heart of the hacienda has as a characteristic that it has two levels, the outstanding façade rises with a look of power. The building system is about adobe and stone with quarry stone frames on doors and windows.

The small church that is in front of the house was erected in honor of Nuestra Señora de la Luz.

Within the church, in white granite sepultures are buried Rodrigo Rincon Gallardo, owner and former governor of Aguascalientes, along with his wife and his son.
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