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Hacienda Nueva de Morcinique      Public Restricted Access
The Hacienda Nueva de Morcinique is named from the nearby river. It’s located on the real path to Calvillo, path that connected also the haciendas Gracias a Dios, San Jose de Guadalupe and the Sauz. It was one of the smallest of the state.

In 1972 it had an extension of 2,600 hectares; it had been of the presbytery Ignacio Rincon Gallardo, who in 1820 ceded it as a part beneficence board which would then be administrated by the town council of Aguascalientes. It was doted with a good dam, channels and irrigation, ad a great main house.

Since 1855, the town council decided to sell in into fractions. The dam was sold in 1863 to Mr. Cornu and Mr. Stiker to be part of the industrial hacienda of San Ignacio.
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