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Hacienda Mirandillas      Public Restricted Access
The Heart of the hacienda of Mirandillas is located within the boundaries of the town of El Llano, on the way to Pilotos, taking the deviation located in the zone of El Llano de Tecuan; as neighbors it had the owners of the hacienda of Pilotos to the north, of Boca de Ortega to the northeast, the Soyatal to the south and the Cañada Honda to the southwest, and to the west the haciendas of Tule and of Santa Maria. By 1868 the property was in hands of Mrs María del Refugio Gamez. In the late 19th century, from 1894 to 1896 Doña Librada Reyes and Daniel Rangel form a rural sharecropping society to work the Mirandilla ranch. By 1910 the agrarian registers regarding rustic properties don't consider it a hacienda.
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