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Hacienda de los Cuartos  
The hacienda of Los Cuartos, together with the Hacienda of the Chichimeco and the hacienda of the Trojes, was born on February the 22nd 1597, that is to say more than 400 years ago, and was used for cattle and stables.

In the 19th century the livestock farming was slowly replaced by agriculture, especially wheat culture and milling, in which the hacienda was very productive due to the reform of the installations of its mill in 1860.

In the early 20th century, the hacienda was a property of about 200 hectares in which were cultivated wheat, corn and beans, and had woodland for the cattle. In the following decades it belonged to different people until 1990 when Roberto Aceves Fernandez gave the the property to the Foundation to convert it into the ecological center Los Cuartos, and since 1992 the center is dedicated to environmental education.
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