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Hacienda La Primavera      Public Restricted Access
It is located in the valley of Huejucar, belonging now to the town of Calvillo.

You can get there taking the road to Calvillo, deviation to La Labor. It was first named El Temazcal when it was created.

In 1901, its owner, Jose Palacios, cedes the property to Jose Flores Vaca as a guaranty for a loan, situation he could not escape and irremediably the hacienda passed to the hands of Refugio de Perez Cresencio Palacios in 1910. In 1924, with the death of Refugio Palacios, he had as heirs his five sons and his wife, dividing it into six parts. From this general division of the hacienda, it was even more divided and sold into portions between 1925 and 1927 to finish completely dismembered.
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