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Hacienda La Guayana      Public Restricted Access
Hacienda located 9 kilometers to the north of the city of Aguascalientes, on the Pan-American road. The hacienda was created in 1906 by Rafael Arellano Valle, with an area of 1,234 hectares.

It was originally dedicated to cattle, but as the agricultural ones, it has been affected during the revolution. Presently it’s located on the eponym lands, which were given to the hacienda in 1935 into 25 parcels, covering an extension of 648 hectares, 190 for temporary, 200 for watering, and the 258 remaining for harvest.

The rural population counts about 900 inhabitants, distributed in 100 houses, and the community has access to the necessary services and equipments to dedicate their parcels to agriculture and a small part to cattle.
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