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Hacienda de La Labor      Public Restricted Access
Located 16 kilometers north of the city of Calvillo. The center of the actual community is the heart of the ex hacienda of San Diego of La Labor.

During the 17th century it belonged to the nuns of the Santa Maria de Gracia convent in Guadalajara, y was later bought by the wealthy zacatecan miner Matias Lopez de Carrasquilla. In 1702 it was bought by the Spaniard general Pedro de la Puebla Rubin de Celis, who was member of a distinguished and noble family.

In the 18th century, the hacienda was already considered one of the most important of the region, and by the end of the century it dominated the northwestern part of the Partido of Huejucar (presently Calvillo), with a surface equivalent to 15 major cattle sites.

The hacienda of San Diego of La Labor had a great extension and was of the most modern. Material enhancements were realized constantly such as the building of a small dam that benefited the sown lands. During the 19th century the hacienda was highly productive and one of the most prosperous of the state, and for its extension and its constant improvements, for the interests it generated and for its valor, it was comparable with any great hacienda of the valley of Aguascalientes.

By 1837, its owner was Pedro Oviedo who bought it in 1828. It had 610 inhabitants and had already an extension of 32,000 hectares, which shows its enormous importance. By 1857, it was fractioned between the heirs and the creditors of Oviedo. The extension of the hacienda was reduced to the third part since the heirs kept the heart and the annexed sites, reaching 12,800 hectares.

During the president of Porfirio Diaz, the hacienda belonged to the brothers Carlos and Luis Salas Lopez. This latter mortgaged the property in 1894. By 1906 It has 12 thousands hectares and 1,300 inhabitants. This hacienda was assaulted in several occasions and by different revolutionary groups during the years of armed conflicts. Nevertheless, they always entered pacifically, thus despite they were looking for horses and money, the population and the owners never resisted. In the years after the revolution, the hacienda of San Diego de La Labor has been affected by the agrarian reform.
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