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Hacienda de Cieneguilla      Public Restricted Access
It is located 37 kilometers southwest of the capital of the state and approximately 20 kilometers to the east of the hacienda of Peñuelas.

The term Cieneguilla means land where water, fodder and stagnant flora abound, due to the fact that this place has these characteristics.

The monks of the order of the company of Jesus acquired the hacienda by 1615, and contributed to extend considerably their properties and gave it a major impulse, since in that time, the Jesuits were the best haciendas managers.

By 1772, the hacienda of Cieneguilla was already among the most important and extended of the region, and hosted 460 people; 20 years later, their properties included 16 dependent ranches. It had lots of resources such as wood, good lands and in this place were bred the best Spanish horses.

Acquired by the count of Regla, he tried to convert it into a hacienda of wild oxen, introducing Spanish cattle of importation.

In 1803, he sold it to the count Diego de Rul, who maintained it as a livestock hacienda. During the whole 19th century the advances of the parvifoundism made the hacienda lose lands. During the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz, the hacienda of San Jose de Cieneguilla was property of Don Miguel Angel Rul, senator of Aguascalientes. The last owner was Jose Rivera Rio. In 1906, before the agrarian reform, it possesses almost 30000 hectares and about 700 people.

The chapel of Cieneguilla was built in 1751 by Brother Sebastian de Vergara, Jesuit manager of the hacienda.
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