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Hacienda El Chichimeco  
This hacienda is located only 15 minutes away from Aguascalientes, on the road to Valladolid, on a deviation to the left and 3 kilometers later is located the property which belongs presently to the brothers Miguel and Fermin Espinoza Menendez, son of don Fermin Espinosa Armillita.

In this hacienda is located one of the livestock farm of wild oxen in our state; the livestock farm Armillita Brothers, founded in 1934 by Eduardo Margeli and Antonio Casillas (“el berrendo”) with cows and stallion from Malpaso. By 1938, there was a change of owners, the heirs were the “Armillita” brothers, Juan y Fermin Espinosa Saucedo, who lived for livestock farming until the death of the first of them in 1965, letting the charge to Fermin. When he died on September 6th 1978, its present owners took the charge of the farm.

In the Chichimeco we can admire the great house since 1770, stables, and corrals for the cattle, a bullfighting museum where you can know the “Armillita” dynasty by means of the photos, trophies, and souvenirs the family kept for the public.
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