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Hacienda Ciénega Grande      Public Restricted Access
Located 51 kilometers northeast of the city, just before you reach the road to Asientos, is Cienega Grande at the back of a small village, after crossing the access bridge. Located in terrains adjacent to the real path to Zacatecas, which presently is part of the town of Asientos.

From an hotel of the 16th century which gave protection and rest to the travelers and traders that were going on that way, the Larrañaga family formed, in the early 18th century, a prosperous hacienda, that combined farming and livestock activities as well as mineral exploitation from the mineral area of Asientos and Tepezala. In these conditions, it became property of the Jesuits of the region until, for the expulsion of the order; it came to have new owners, the families Rul and Rangel.

In the late 19th century, the hacienda ceded a fraction of terrain to the Mexican Central Railway, to build a train station and the branch that was going from Aguascalientes to San Luis Potosi and Tampico. The station, called San Gil, has been occupied few years later by the Great Mexican Central Foundry to transport minerals of the region to the ovens of Aguascalientes.
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