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Hacienda de Agostaderito      Public Restricted Access
On the way to the the community of Salto de los Salado, 15 minutes to the east of the city, is the old ex hacienda of Agostaderito.

This property gave off the lands of the hacienda of Montoro after the declaration of independence, in September 1810, next to the property there were confrontation between the realists and the forces of cocono, the Botas Prietas and others insurgents native of Asientos and Tepezala.

As a result of this armed movement, the hacienda was forced to sell in 1840 part of the latifundio (large rural estate) y that way is consolidated the hacienda de Pilotos. By 1884, months after the inauguration of the central railway, the owner of the hacienda Juan Romo de Vivar, in society with Miguel Romo Velasco, took a loan for the installation of agricultural machinery; it came to possess six thousands hectares; it watered the cultures with the waters of the San Pedro river and its wheat mill was considered as one of the best of the region.

Then, in the 20th Century, it passed to others owners, such as Angel Nieto and Gustavo Guerra. At the present time, the ex hacienda still has the large colonial house, which still maintains its lordly aspect that characterized it in the past.
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