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Regional Center of the Anthropology and History National Institute (INAH)
Located in Juan de Montoro Street, a block and a half from the main square, steps away form the Contemporaneous Art Museum.

This building was built between 1900 and 1917 by Refugio Reyes again, and it has been extended in order to build The Regis hotel; next it became a college, a store and then was abandoned. The state government acquired it and assigned by means of an agreement to the Anthropology and National History Institute, who inaugurated its regional siege in 1989.

In the house are combined several artistic styles, with a predominance of the Art Nouveau. The building shows a façade of quarry stone. Upstairs there are several balconies; the central one is adorned with ornamental works and has two stained glass windows.

The siege of the regional center of the INAH has the mission to register, realize investigations upon and protect the archaeological, historical and artistic patrimony of the state.
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