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Potrerillo Tunnel
Túnel de Potrerillo belongs to the village of Rincón de Romos. There, you can walk over the cliffs of Huejúcar admiring the rocky formations, as well as its fauna and flora.

The canyon gets wider, forming a valley in which we can appreciate the poplar grove next to refreshing running water, a wonderful place for a family meal, camping, trekking and horse riding.

Due to the wet vegetation growing at Huejúcar, there are small climatic variations, which is in fact great part of what makes it so attractive, since we can find there a large diversity of fauna and flora.

In the cliff can be found several springs all year long, and to which come to drink the birds and the other animals of the area such as foxes, raccoons, heron, etc. and at the bottom of the cliff lies the tunnel of Potrerillo.

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