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El Sabinal
Entertainment and ecological park of 160 hectares considered an ecosystem with singular vegetation. Its representative species are savin, willow, and more. Raccoons, armadillos, rats, and a great variety of aquatic birds form its fauna.

In this place, camping, trekking, day at in the country, are some of the activities you can do, as well as the opportunity to get into the trunk of a tree, since some of the savins are older than 400 years, thus the size of their trunk, their enormous roots, and their leafy branches, give a unique spectacle in the region. Favorite place of professional photographs who admire the beauty of the site, they come to reach its optimum artistic expression.

Only 20 minutes away from the capital city, by the way Agostaderito which leads to the community of the Salto de los Salado is located the Sabinal.

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