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The Culture house

This property of neoclassical style, located in the historical center, was one of the first of the Villa and had several owners until 1807; it is occupied by the teaching nuns to found a girl college and a convent. Later, a part of the place was ceded to the catholic society that founded a boy school. In 1886, the convent was transformed into the seminary college of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

In 1914, the seminary was confiscated by the revolutionary authorities, to create the correctional school of arts and trade and the federal primary school tipo Dr Jesus Diaz de Leon. The cloister and the convent were occupied during the government of Plutarco Elias Calles. After that, it has been possession of particulars, in 1965 it was sold to the state government; since 1967 is located there the Institute of Fine Arts of Aguascalientes, and presently the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes.
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