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Guadalupe Neighbourhood
 Historical Review 

We will go back to the 9 of February of 1767-1769, a church was constructed here in where little by little one went populating the "District of Los Avellanos", already populated the district and a cemetery was constructed. The first settlers were potters and milkmen, this people in their majority came from Calvillo and Jalpa; this place also was called "Shelter of Cemeteries" (Cobijo de Cementerios).

The District of Guadalupe covered a square angle of Aguascalientes City; It was from the Emiliano Zapata street to the west of Zaragoza st., and by the parish the streets of Libertad and Emiliano Zapata.

 Guadalupe Church 

This sanctuary, is the second religious building in importance of the city. Its construction began in 1767 and it concluded 22 years later, in 1789. The 26 July of 1931 was erected in parish.

The work of the master Felipe de Urea is a baroque building has undergone multiple transformations and modifications in its structure. The facade is of a baroque characteristic of central part of Mexico, by its stone in filigree.

The enormous dome is covered in its outside with tile of Talavera, also called "handkerchief". The interior of the sanctuary has a very over elaborate decoration; the sculptures and paintings are of great quality.

It is worthy admiration the beautiful pulpit made in tecali, volcanic stone similar to the marble and the four paintings of the dome with the four appearances of the Virgin. The picture of the Virgin was made by Jose de Alcibar in second half of century XVIII. The chapel of the Santisimo, located to the bottom of the temple and constructed at the beginning of this century is neogothic style.

 Guadalupe Garden

Originallly were territories for sowing, soon was annexed to the church, like part of the church services’; later it was destined for cemetery, first of the church and after the government when the Laws of the Reformation.

Towards 1877, by health questions, it was let use as pantheon and later as a garden; It took the name of Porfirio Diaz for a long time, although the popular use calls Garden of Guadalupe. To the center there is a kiosk of octagonal base, constructed with ironworks.

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