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PeÑa Azul
Localised in the municipality of Jesús María, Aguascalientes; we have there forests of live oaks, pines and cedar all along the ravines and the plateaus that have a maxima height of 2,840 metres s.n.m. We find there a great variety of mammals and wild animals.

It allows to guarantee to the hunter an happy stay because it haves comfortable cabins with a canteen, grills, hot water, beds with blankets, a sitting room, chimneys, a transport to the place of hunting; hiding places.

Animals living this place are of great size and numerous, whiche ensure the hunting success. The stags season (white tail coues) is in the month of December and of January; The season of the wild turkey (Gould, the biggest of the world) is in April and May, period where there is too the sport fishing. We can hunt too the wild boar, small mammals and wild pigeons.
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