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Bullrings Places
 Monumental Bullring 
The new enclosure for bullfighting was constructed in 1974, in a more accessible place, with capacity for 9.000 spectators. In the following years their facilities remarkably were improved, being integrated to the set of the Expoplaza in 1992. At the moment it has a capacity for 15.000 people and in it the best exponents of the bullfighting art have appeared. In its North side is the statue of "Armillita", the most famous bullfigther of Aguascalientes.

Its architecture and ornamentation consist of religious symbolic elements and own reasons for tauromachy; as far as their operation, the sanitary, hydraulic and electrical facilities were improved, in addition it counts on systems against fire. The infirmary is the best one of the world in its type. The chapel was reorganized, full space of meaning where is an image of the Black Christ of the Encino, patron saint of the local bullfigthers.

It is the only bullring in the world that has service lift for old and handicapped people.
 San Marcos Bullring 

This bullfighting set a record of 48 days in its construction. It was inaugurated the 24 of April of 1896, with luxury celebrated bullfighter and an impressive full up. From then it dates the close relation of the Fair of San Marcos with the bullfighting spectacle. From 1988, due to its reduced capacity, bullfighting events are celebrated and during the Fair of San Marcos it works like Theater of the Town.
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