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 El Cedazo Park 
The Cedazo is a physical area that offers the alternative to enjoy the country space and to learn about nature, plants, birds and the water process in a direct form. The main attraction of the park it is a small reservoir that has 3 small constructed islands, with the purpose to stand out, the beauty that migrating birds bring to a comfortable area.

In Cedazo the fine arts are promoted especially to children through out cultural workshops like: painting and drawing, piano lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, jazz, classical dance, plastic arts, sulfeggio, folkloric dance and modern dance. It also counts with sports areas and extensive green areas.

Location: Aguascalientes Av. And Perseo Av.
Open: Tuesday-Sunday from 06:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Telephone: 974-1160, 974-1231 and Fax: 971-1167
 Rodolfo Landeros Gallegos Ecological Park 
Located in the south of the city, over the José Ma. Chávez boulevard. It counts with many attractions such as, motorized train that gives a scenic ride; the most comfortable and practical way to get to know the gigantic park. Another way to know the park is by renting a four wheel ecological vehicle, and ride through the road.

The park counts with sports installations, outdoors theater, a Plaza, bar, handicrafts shop, botanic garden, a Fauna museum and mechanical rides, that give a perfect frame for family time.

Location: Jóse Ma. Chávez Blv.
Open: Tuesday-Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Telephone: 978-5139 and Fax: 978-5239
 Miguel Hidalgo Park 
Located between Adolfo López Máteos Av. And Poder Legislativo. The entrance to the park is in this last street. The park is over five and a half hectares, and it was open to public in the year of 1964.

It is a green zone that counts with ash tress, poplars, laurels, eucalyptus and other trees and ornament plants. It also counts with a peculiar artificial lake, children play ground, and a scenic train, that bring Aguascalientes's families together every Sunday.
 Mexico Park 
It is one of the biggest parks in Aguascalientes and it is divided in two sections: natural areas and recreational areas.

The natural areas count with two grass soccer fields, tennis, basket ball and volley ball courts, a peculiar artificial lake a motto cross and bike cross field and two summer houses.

The recreational area counts with a lake and a dock. The access to the park is in a terrace that gives the function of a look out point, and it also counts with an outdoors gym.

Location: Gigante Av. Col. Luis Ortega Douglas.
Open: Tuesday-Sunday from 07:00 to 19:00 hrs.
Telephone: 975-0186
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