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The Railroad Station
Aguascalientes was a railroad center of great importance in the Mexican system. Its railway tradition dates since the last century. The present station is second that was constructed, since before another one existed, of provisional character, that was located alongside South of the present crossroad with the Alameda Avenue.

The building was begun to construct in 1910 and it was inaugurated in 1911, was work of Italian engineer G.M. Buzzo. It is of Californian colonial style, although also it has elements of Hispanic influence. The arrangement is of two levels and cover of roofing tile with four slopes. It is made up of a porch acces with waiting rooms and packing service in the first level, where is a cafeteria. The second level, separated of first by an aileron supported by great metallic brackets, is assigned for office services.
The constructive system is made up of annealed brick walls to two colors that serve like decorative element, as well as steels and asbestos roofing tiles.

In the main facade there are five semicircular archs in the first level, balconies in the second and in the high part there is a clock like central element of the composition; in its finial, it emphasizes a typical curvilinear cornice of the Mexican traditional architecture.

This building is a clear example of the railway architecture, in which a series of prefabricated construction equipments were used, imported from the United States, introduced to our country by boat and brought via railroad.

The apperarance of this small and colorful terminal fits perfectly with the province image cheers and smiling that still preserves our city.
Until the 40´s, it was a custom very rooted between the local families, almost in ritual, to go the afternoons to the station, to take a walk by its platforms and to wait for the arrival or exit of the trains, to listen to the local band and to wait for the new news brought to the city by means of the mail that transported the railroad.
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