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 Hotel de Andrea Alameda 
Hotel of great tradition and prestige, where temporary stay the toreros and celebrities that visit us on a regular basis.
Information: Hotel de Andrea Alameda
Alameda and Av. Tecnológico, Col Héroes
Phones: (449) 970-3786 and 973-3800
Fax: (449) 970-3757

 Hotel Fiesta Americana 
Located in the perimeter of the fair, it offers to modern conventionists and efficient spaces for any event.
Information: Hotel Fiesta Americana
Laureles s/n, Col. Las Flores
Phones: (449) 918-6010 y 918-7010
Fax: (449) 918-5118

 Gran Hotel Hacienda de la Noria 
Ex hacienda converted into a hotel, it keeps the country flavor of its past, in an elegant and sophisticated ambient.
Annex equipment: Audio and video
Information: Gran Hotel Hacienda de la Noria
Av. Héroe de Nacozari Sur # 1315
Phones: (449) 918-5151 y 918-4343
Fax: (449) 918-5151
Free Call: 01-800-7949-900
E-mail: ghnoria@infosel.net.mx
Web site: www.ghnoria.com.mx

 Hotel Quinta Real 
Hotel of high prestige for its installations and personalized attention, it has impressive gardens and beautiful halls that will make your convention a memorable event. un evento memorable.
Annex equipment: Video
Information: Hotel Quinta Real
Av. Aguascalientes # 601
Phones: (449) 978-5818
Fax: (449) 978-5916
Free Call: 01-800-7149-435
E-mail: ventas-ags@quinta-real.com

 Hotel Aranzazu 
Hotel recently built that is part of the best installations that can be offered in Aguascalientes.
Information: Hotel Aranzazu
Av. López Mateos # 1001 Ote.
Edificio C Plaza Kristal
Phones: (449) 910-3892 y 910-3290
Fax: (449) 915-4747

 Hotel Best Western Medrano 
Recently restored, this hotel has a large convention center where modernity and efficiency in their spaces are one of their attracts.
Annex equipment: Audiovisual
Information: Hotel Best Western Medrano
Blvd. José Ma. Chávez #904
Phones: (449) 915-5500 y 916-8076
Fax: (449) 916-8076

 Hotel Fiesta Inn 
A modern hotel with infrastructures of first category that offers nice spaces and the best attention.
Information: Hotel Fiesta Inn
Mahatma Gandhi Sur #302
Phones: (449) 978-0808
E-mail: pcfiags@infosel.net.mx

 Hotel Holiday Inn Express 
Located in the heart of the Historical Center, next to the government palace, it brings the visitor the quality of its location and service.
Annex equipment: Video
Information: Hotel Holiday Inn Express
Nieto #102
Phones: (449) 916-1666 y 916-1554
Fax: (449) 915-1251
E-mail: hiexp@ags.podernet.com.mx
Web site: www.hiexpress.com

 Hotel Inn Galerías 
Hotel with a colonial touch that gives the visitor the warm attention of its personal and the efficiency of its installations.
Information: Hotel Inn Galerías
Av. de la Convención #125
Phones: (449) 916-2669 y 917-3662
Fax: (449) 916-8919
E-mail: yoryi@hotmail.com

 Hotel Las Trojes 
Hotel surrounded by surprising gardens that gives the sensation to be in a villa in the country.
Annex equipment: Video
Information: Hotel Las Trojes
Salida a Zacatecas, esq. Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio #125
Phones: (449) 973-0006
Fax: (449) 973-0434
Free Call: 01-800-4971-999

 Hotel Real del Centro 
Receive the efficient attention of the personal of this hotel who will be ready to make your event an unforgettable moment.
Annex equipment: Video and equipment for exhibitions
Information: Hotel Real del Centro
Blvd. José Ma. Chávez #3402
Phones: (449) 971-0845 al 49
Fax: (449) 971-0860

 Hotel Elizabeth 
Attention, efficiency, is only a part of what you'll receive if you decide to go to the Hotel Elzabeth for your congress or convention.
Annex equipment: Video and equipment for exhibitions
Information: Hotel Elizabeth
Av. de la Convención Sur #107
Phones: (449) 978-2926 y 978-2826
Fax: (449) 978-2036
Web site: www.ags.acnet.net/elizabeth

 Hotel del Alba 
The Hotel del Alba has several spaces in which you'll receive everything you need for your convention.
Information: Hotel del Alba
Blvd. Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez km 1.5
Phones: (449) 976-4000 al 05
Fax: (449) 976-4005
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