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Shopping Centers
"El Dorado" 
El dorado was the first commercial center builds as such, and it opened its door in 1983. It is located in Las Americas Avenue Nº 1701 and has more than 50 spaces for offices, various services, communication providers, clothes and accessories, supermarket, entertainments, restaurant, craftsmanship and presents, video games, veterinary, shoes, beauty parlors and clinics, stationer's as well as estate agencies and a large parking.
"El Parián" 
The Parián is the proud and symbol of Aguascalientes. It was built in 1829, rebuilt in 1952 and its last restoration was made in 1985. Its outdoors arches are conserved but with a modern touch.

It has 5 levels for 90 commercial places and parking for 450 cars. It has electric stairways, and lifts and freights elevator. You can find the best shops with the best price, cyber cafe, boutiques for men and women, importation goods, furniture, optics, textiles, cafeterias, ice creams, stationer's, travel agencies, among others.
"Expo Plaza" 
Expo Plaza was inaugurated in July 1992, being part of an enhancement project of the perimeter of the fair and offering a large variety of places and products and goods for the consumer, being one of the most visited by the public in general.

It counts as many as 100 commercial places open to the public, among which: stationer's, craftsmanship, boutiques for all family, shoes, textiles, cafeterias, cash dispensers, video games, food and drinks, movie halls, and a hall for different kinds of events.
 Mall "Galerías" 
The modern Center Galerías, located to the north part of the city, on Independencia Avenue Nº 2351, it has more than 80 locales, distributed through the entire commercial center in addition to a large and secure parking area.

Some of its establishments are banks, package deliveries, food and drinks, internet, clothes shoes, presents, optics, toy stores, travel agencies, flowers, perfumes, sport shops, supermarket and self-service, and 10 theaters for all the family.
 Mall "Plaza Kristal" 
The fact is that, it is an executive enterprise commercial center since 1992; it is located at the corner of Lopez Mateos Nº 1001 west, and Heroe de Nacozari Avenues. It is structured in 3 levels, and has a parking area for 250 places.

Downstairs, are 56 locales that give services such as mobile phones, devise exchange, travel agencies, credit organisms, beauty parlors, and accountancy services, banks, optical. For the entertainment of all, there is a bowling, 7 movies halls, video games rent, and a great variety of restaurants.
"Plaza Patria" 
Plaza Patria is located in the heart of the historical center of the city, next the government palace, it was inaugurated in 1994 for that reason, and it is one of the youngest commercial centers in town.

Dynamic, innovative, you'll find there the unique jeweler center of the region, the shoes center with manufacturer directly form Leon and Guadalajara, as well as fashion clothes, brides, accessories and present, and department that propose hardware and furniture. It has a roofed parking lot open 24 hours a day, located near to the San Marcos' National Fair.
"Plaza San Marcos" 
In 1987, was initiated the building of the Commercial Center Plaza San Marcos on a lot located on the first peripheral, at the north of the city. It has presently 150 commercial locales and a parking area for 315 cars. You can find a large department store, and a variety of services and goods, such as shoes, veterinary, magazines, natural products, optical, computers, cell phones, stationer's, clothes and fine dresses, boutiques, craftsmanship, presents, jewelry, sweets, ice creams, coffee, as well as food, and video games.
 Mall "Plaza Universidad" 
Plaza Universidad was built in 1988. Inside, is a department store and self-service, This center has the most prestigious boutiques of fine clothes for women, as well as for men and for children.

It of course, counts with food and drinks. This commercial center also offers bank services, cash dispensers, travel agencies, stationer's, laundry, cell phones, among others and a large parking lot.
"Plaza Vestir" 
Inaugurated in 1977, this center appears because of the preoccupation of several company owners of the state, as a measure to help and fortify the textile and confection industry since are commercialized there their products directly, benefiting the market, giving affordable prices.

It has presently more then 100 locales, occupied by different shops in which embroideries, tissues, clothes for all the family, and whites, two cafeterias, sweets, silver, and presents. It also offers a large parking area.
" Plaza Bosques"  Tower
In 1993 was opened the commercial center Torre Plaza Bosques, located in the north of the city at the corner of the Universidad and Aguascalientes Avenues, it is known as one of the highest building with a prestigious department store.

On the second floor of the modernly designed building, are 30 locales that offers a great variety of products, such as travel agencies, models agency, pastries, boutiques, clinics, and beauty parlors, cafeterias, video games, jewelry, and presents, and more.
 Mall "Villasunción" 
Villasunción opened its doors to the public in 1985. Its architectural design made it a lovely place thanks to its open areas, wide spaces where the family enjoys its stay.

It is located on the south entrance of the city, between Jose Maria Chavez and Mahatma Gandhi avenues; it has 5 accesses for commodity of the visitors, and has a 745 cars capacity. It has a department store, a nationwide prestigious boutique and banks, as well as 122 shops selling a great variety of products, and food in particular.
 Nieto Street 
One of the streets of the historical downtown is the Nieto street located on the west side of the government palace: daily, buyers from different parts of the country to get the most representative of our state: the embroideries, tissues and hand-made.

All along the Nieto Street, you can buy fashion clothes and whites: sheet, napkins, eiderdowns, articles to decorate the WC, and a lot more textiles of any kind. For the kids, you can find shop of prestigious renown as those located at the commercial center Paríso Vestir.
 Juárez and Unión Street 
In an interesting walk down the historical center of the city, you can find specialized shops of clothes for all the family that form part of a tradition, as the Union and Juarez Streets marked their label in the industrial development of the state. There, was originated the retailing and wholesale commercialization of the manufacturers to the customers.

A walk through these streets, will bring you to our very established traditions, as between these streets, is the traditional Teran market, and very close to the Juarez market.
Commercial Centers Phonebook
C. C. Agropecuario Uva No. 23 Altos Phone: 912-9035
Fax: 914-9437
C. C. Del Parque Av. López Mateos Ote. 712 Phones: 916-9512
Fax: 916-9512
C. C. El Cilindro Av. Aguascalientes Norte No. 622, Fracc. Pulgas Pandas Phone: 914-6432
Fax: 914-6432
C. C. El Dorado Prolongación Av. Las Américas No. 1701-41, Fracc. Santa Elena 41 Phone: 913-3751
Fax: 913-3751
C. C. El Parián Rivero Y Gutiérrez Esq. Morelos, Zona Centro Local 29 Phone: 915-6133
Fax: 915-6133
C. C. Expoplaza Prol. Rayón 205 - A, C.C. Expoplaza Phone: 916-4138 y 918-7598
C. C. Galerías Av. Independencia No. 235, Fracc. Trojes de Alonso Local 6 Phone: 912-6612
Fax: 912-6616
C. C. Paraíso Vestir Nieto No. 225, Zona Centro Phone: 918-4810
Fax: 918-4810
C. C. Plaza Aguascalientes Chichimeco No. 37, Col. San Luis Phone: 915-5773
Fax: 915-5773
C. C. Plaza Cristal Av. A. López Mateos Oriente No. 1001 Phone: 918-4318
Fax: 918-3624
C. C. Plaza Patria Blvd. José María Chávez No. 123, Planta Alta; Loc. 27 Phone: 915-0558
Fax: 915-0558
C. C. Plaza San Marcos Av. De La Convención Norte No. 2301, Local Y-14 Int. A Phone: 914-7151
Fax: 914-7151
C. C. Plaza Universidad Av. Universidad No. 935, Planta Alta; Fracc. Bosques del Prado, C.P. 20127 Phone: 914-4191, 914-2933
Fax: 914-4191
C. C. Plaza Vestir José María Chávez S/N, Ciudad Industrial Local 110 Planta Alta Phone: 971-0766
Fax: 971-0767
C. C. Torre Plaza Bosques Av. Universidad 1001, Fracc. Bosques del Prado Phone: 912-3947
Fax: 912-3947
C. C. Villasunción Local 3-G, Planta Alta José Ma. Chávez S/N Phone: 978-0362
Fax: 978-3122
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