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Hot spring Baths
 Bath and Sport Center Ojocaliente 

It is the most functional of the public Swimming pool, devised like Touristic-recreational center with wide dimensions, able to give services to a considerable number of people. According to its facilities, it emphasizes the Olimpic Swimming pool, the Diving pool, small pool for splashing, toboggan and private pools with thermal water.

In addition it has sauna and steam baths, soda fountain, restauranr-bar, places for roasting and green areas. A small race horse track aside of the sport center that represent an attractive extra for visitors.

Address: Km. 1 San Luis Potosi Highway.
Open: Monday – Sunday from 07:00 to 20:00hrs.
Tel: 970- 0698

 Thermal Baths of Ojocaliente 

TheseThese ancient baths are also called the Great Baths. The hot spring of Ojocaliente was the main source of supply water of the city from its foundation. These baths open to the public with recreational aims before the middle of the last century and they are one of the  first touristic sites that Aguascalientes had. The temperature of the thermal water goes from 36 to 40°C.

At the moment it has small, medium, large and splashing swimming pools and individual baths that they do times of a privet pools. To add it counts on shower service and it offers swimming courses. Some baths are special used for therapies, because people attributed curattive properties to the water.

Location: Tecnologico Ave. N° 102, Crossroad Alameda Ave.
Open: Monday-Sunday from 07:00 to 19:00 hrs.
Telephone: 970-0721
Valladolid Rustic Bath 
To 7 Km. from Jesus Maria, is located the baths, whose Touristic complex includes an extension of six hectares. The place offers Olympic swimming pool, and small pool for splashing fed with thermal waters. A wide green area, grill, sport field, gym, disco, lodging, convention center and underground restaurant.
Location: To Emiliano Zapata Highway Km 5, Valladolid, and Jesus Maria.
Open: Monday-Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Telephone: 915-3416 and 918-1846 (ISSSSPEA)
Mundo A Acuatic Center 

It is the most recent bath in the city; it has wave pool, sand pool, splashing swimming pool, green area, courts, karaoke, and restaurant bar, with a modern style it is situated to south part of the city.  
Address: Heroe Inmortal Ave. 1502
Open: Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Tel. 449 145 2270

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