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Natural Tourism
(Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism)

 Weir 50 anniversary 

It is a barrage enclosed in a canyon where we have a very lovely view. In this place, we can practice sport fishing, camping. We can observe too the fauna and the flora. In this barrage we can fish the black-bass, the catfish and the tilapia.

If we come from Aguascalientes, we arrive there by the Pan-American road number 45 (35 km), we take the deviation going to San José de Gracia (18 km) and we go in direction of La Congoja until the deviation allowing to access to the barrage 50 Anniversary or Presa 50 Aniversario 8 km on the left, you arrive to the barrage fluvial.

 Weir President Plutarco Elías Calles 

Construida en el año de 1926, por el gobierno del presidente Plutarco Elías Calles, considerada como el primer distrito de riego y almacenamiento de agua en el centro de nuestro país. Localizada al pie de la Sierra Fría con una capacidad de 340 millones de metros cúbicos, es la obra de irrigación de mayor magnitud y capacidad en la región.

We find this place at the bottom of the Sierra Fría. Its vegetation is mixed and we have a tendency to have an arid climate. We can visit it all the year. Activities done are sport fishing, water skiing, small boat promenade, abseiling, horseback ride, camping, among others.

Since the city of Aguascalientes we take the Pan-American road number 45 and we take the deviation going to Pabellón. Then, we take the deviation going to San José de Gracia and on the kilometre 14 de dicho entronque se encuentra la cabecera municipal de San José de Gracia, al final de éste se encuentra La Presa.

 Natural Canyons 

It is a natural richness which is marked out of the places most isolated and hidden of the barrage Calles where we have impressive canyons and precipices. In this place we have semi-desert vegetation (fauna and flora, rocky forms, surprising that are the testimony of the stones legends appreciated during a tour in launch). We explore this marvellous place showing us the past and opening up the vestiges of the chichimeca history on “El Cerrito de en Medio”, it allows to value and to appreciate the nature which is part of our territory, our cultural heritage allowing knowing our origin on the earth.

 Communal ground EcoTouristic Boca de Túnel 

In this spectacular place having precipices, we can practice the mountain cycling, hiking, the abseiling, the rock climb, the swimming, and the fishing. We can observe too the fauna and the flora. We have organised tours allowing us to know the barrage of Potrerillo that has a profundity of 30 metres.

If we come from the Aguascalientes state capital, we arrive to this place by the road Pan-American number 45, (35 km), then we take the deviation to San José de Gracia (18 km) next we take the deviation to Boca del túnel (15 km). We can take too the Pan-American until Rincón de Romos (40 km) then we take the dirt road going to Túnel de Potrerillo (9 km), passing by José Ma. Morelos.

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