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In the reformat and Intervention Era
José María Chavez Alonzo (1812- 1864):
Politician journalist and military . He was born in the jurisdiction of Encarnación de Díaz, Jalisco. He founded the Artistic Academy “El esfuerzo” of Aguascalientes and the newspapers “El Artesano” and “El progresista”, he was part of the liberal club of Aguascalientes. Legislative constitutes deputy from 1856 to 1857. Governor of Aguascalientes in two occasions. He faced the robbery in the state he organized the squadron the Lanceros de Aguascalientes against the French intervention. Defeated, he was killed by shooting by the French invaders in Malpaso Zacatecas.
Jesús Terán Peredo (1821-1866):
Lawyer instructor, politician and diplomatical politician chief of the party of Aguascalientes Local diputy founder and director of the scientific and literary of the purisima Concepción in Aguacaslientes. In 1853 formulated to the president Santa Anna to the minister of promotion, the “Report about the working class of the society and media to improve their condition”: Governor of Aguascalientes in various occasions secretary of Government and exterior relationships with the president Comonfort and Juárez, during the French war he was named extraordinary envoy, and plenipotentiary minister for Spain and England. In London he founded “La Revista Americana sobre la verdad de la Intervención Francesa”.
Esteban Avila Mier (1827-1880):
Politician, military and journalist. He was part of the congress in charge of giving Aguascalientes its first constitution. Governor of Aguascalientes. He proposed an Agrarian Law that imposed a contribution of the agricultural owners, in order to constitute a fond destined to the fostering of education, beneficence and arts. He founded the literary society “El Crepúsculo Literario”, and the opposition paper “Don Simon”. Correspondent associate of the Mexican Mining Society.
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