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During the government of Porfirio Diaz (Porfiriato)
Alejandro Vázquez Del Mercado (1841-1923):
Politician. He was born in Sombrete, Zacatecas. He took part in the battalion of Aguascalientes, commanded by Esteban Avila, whose purpose was facing the French. Member of the federal parliament and senator of Aguascalientes. Governor of the state in several occasions. He stimulated the industrialization of Aguascalientes, giving support to the installation I the state of the Great Mexican Foundry and the workshops of the Mexican Central Railways.
Francisco Gómez Hornedo (1845-1896):
Engineer and politician. Member of the town council and of the national congress. Governor of the state in several occasions and senator. He prepared a law of public instruction. He opened the girl high school and concluded the Morelos Theater. He received the medal of honor for his services to the state of Aguascalientes.
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