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In the Independence
José Manuel Ruíz de Tejada y Otay (1779 - 1867):
Scientist, engineer and politician. Professor and scientist in the college of Miner Professor of Physics and assayer of the coin House He carried out his professional practices en the Mineral of Zacatecas. He performed as Alderman, deputy of the congress of the Union and various scientific commissions.
José María Bocanegra: (1787- 1862):
Lawyer and politician . Deputy of the first constituent congress. Minister of Office during the management of president Guadalupe Victoria. Internal President of the Republic in 1829. Minister if treasury finances between 1829 and 1833 president of the supreme justice court and senator He expressively protested for the annex ion of Texas to the United States.
Pedro Parga (1792- 1873):
Army man and politician . He was one of the first insurgent that joined the troops of Miguel Hidalgo. He took part in the Alhóndiga de Granaditas and in the Battle of the bridge of Calderon. Later he joined the troops of Ignacio López Rayón and of José María Morelos. He participated in the conquest of Acapulco and the siege of Cuautla. To the defect of Morelos he continued fighting at the south or Nueva Galicia. After the accomplishment the independence, he performed many jobs and commissions in the government of Prisciliano Sanchez in Jalisco he oated the constitution of 1857.
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