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in the colony
Juan de Monroy ( ? - 1640 ):
Politician . The first mayor major of the villa de Aguascalientes drew the first sketch of the town stabilized the town of Indians of San Marcos to the west of the Village and attained the foundation of the parish of Aguascalientes.
Manuel Colón de Larreategui ( ? - 1775):
A religious and philanthropist parish priest of Aguascalientes from 1733 until 1758 He finished the parochial church. He built the churches of San Marcos and Jesus Maria as well as San Ignacio’s bridge. By his influence the churches of Cienega de Mata and la Hacienda de Cieneguilla were built. He was a Prebendary governor, provider and general vicar of the cathedral of Guadalajara.
Francisco de Rivero y Gutiérrez ( ? - 1786):
Politician and Philanthropist He was born in the province of Burgos, Spain. He was an ordinary major of the Village of Aguascalientes in 1756. He funded the Pia School o Christ School, first educational center in Aguascalientes . He was called “El benefactor de la niñez”.
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