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MÉXICO - Territorial Extension
 Continental and insular surface of the National Territory (Land) 
The territorial extension of Mexico is of 1,964.375 squared Km from which 1.959,284 squared Km are continental land and 5,127 squared Km correspond to insular land.
The Frontiers
The Mexican Republic limits with the United States of America, Guatemala and Belize, a total extent of 4,301Km divided in the following way:

With the United States, there is an extent frontier line through 3,152 Km from the Monument 258 at the northeast of Tijuana to the outlet of the Rio Bravo in the Golf of Mexico. They are limiting states to the North of the country: Baja California.

The frontier line with Guatemala has an extension of 956 Km; with Belize 193 Km (It doesn’t include 85.266 Km of marine limit on the Bay of Chetumal).The south and the southeast frontier states of the country are Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo.
México stands out from the other countries of the world for the extension of the coastline. That is of 11, 122 Km. Exclusively in the continental part, not including the insular coastlines.

The results were obtained by various semiautomatic digital processes that give a bigger accuracy of the dimension of the Mexican territorial spaced. The Chart graphic equiarea projection based on which the area accounts are made, it offers substantially improves values in accuracy if they are compared with the ones that from the antecedent that originate this document.
Sources of Information
The sources of information to define the outline of the Coastline, the islands and the international limits were from the updated Topographical chart scale 1:250000 in the universal transversal projection of Mercator.
Chart graphic Projection
To obtain data of areas, longitudes and perimeters the conic equiarea projection of Albers was used the applied parameters to the projection are the following:
  • Latitude of the First Standard parallel: 17 30 N
  • Latitude of the Origin of the projection 12 00 N
  • Length of the central Meridian: 102 0 N
  • East or the origin 2,500,000.00
  • North of the origin 0.00
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