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Tepezalá is located on the northeast of Aguascalientes. Originally, a village founded by Juan de Tolosa in 1546, in 1857 became a City Hall District. Its name means "between hills" due to its location at the foot of the San Juan and Altamira hills.

For some time, Tepezalá´s importance laid on its precious metal mines.
A visit to the town's square garden is recommended to admire the ejidal (public land) ballroom, the City Hall and its main parish in honor to the Señor de Tepezalá. The Chapel of Nuestra Señora del Refugio is located a few blocks form the main parish.
Other places to visit are the ecological ranch of El Camiral and the former ruins of the haciendas Las Pilas and Mesillas.

On its main religious festival day, May 25, farmers display their harvesting products: oatmeal, chili peppers, beans and corn, among others.

In Puerto de la Concepción, the town's patron is celebrated: San Pascual Bailón, and the dance of feathers is performed.
Plaza Juárez # 1
Zona Centro
C.P. 20600
Phone: (465) 951-20-29
Tepezalá, Ags., México.
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