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San JosÉ de Gracia
Located on the northeast of the state, this place offers diverse attractions such as the 50th Aniversary and Plutarco Elías Calles dams. The San José Nautical Club offers diverse aquatic sports besides a restaurant where fried fish and tostadas de ceviche (fish cocktail over fried corn tortilla) can be enjoyed.

The Zaragoza Garden is a must, as well as the Concepción Parish, of simple construction but with natural lighting, which makes this building famous; it should be mentioned that this chapel was reconstructed due to extensive flooding from the Calles dam. Its Communitary Museum is a warehouse for photographs, documents, books, work tools, antique objects as well as other priceless pieces.
The Sierra Fría is mostly located in this municipality, which is considered the Aguascalientes´ great lung and its main water source. With an extension of 112,090 acres of mountain range, woods and breath-taking sites, filled with an impressive natural beauty where camping, hiking, nature sightseeing, mountain cycling and many other tourist activities can be done.

Buried deep within the heart of the Sierra Fría is Los Alamitos, an ecological camp which lets you enjoy nature as well as recreational activities.
January 6 is the religious celebration for San José de Gracia, which is dedicated to corn, the basis of their diet and product of the region. Another important festivity takes place during the holy week with the representation of Jesus Christ's Calvary.
Juan Domínguez # 101
Zona Centro
C.P. 20500
Phone: (465) 967-34-59, 967-35-32
San José de Gracia, Ags., México.
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